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What you need to know about ad extensions

When you see a text ad on Google, you’ll notice that the ad does more than give you basic information about the business. You’ll see extra information including your business’ phone number, a map to your storefront or a customer’s review that tells customers about your products or services. All of these features are known as ad extensions.

Ad extensions play into your quality score too, which means if your ad is competing against another with a similar bid and quality, then your ad will show up above the other person’s. The best part is that these ad extensions don’t require any additional cost on your part, as per usual, you’re only charged when someone clicks on it. (If someone clicks on a review extension, social annotation or seller rating annotation, these are exceptions and you won’t be charged for them.)

These ad extensions give the user a better ad experience. For example, if someone is browsing the business on a mobile device, then the user can be put in touch with the business faster through a call extension. put the user in touch with the business faster, which is critical if they’re browsing on a mobile device, and offers a better ad experience. If there’s a previous visit annotation extension, this reminds the user that they’ve visited your site previously and they may be interested in your services once again.

Case studies have found that ad extensions encourage a higher CTR and more conversions, which means it’s in your best interest to use them, especially if they’re free.

Google recently added a new feature to its paid search ads that lets you highlight unique features of your product/services that will convince buyers to choose you.

The callout ad extensions will show up below your business’ ad description and it should be available to all advertisers within a few weeks. They will affect your ad rank and this is valuable real estate to make your business stand out, whether it’s offering free shipping or price matching.

These extensions can also be used in conjunction with other sitelinks. For example, if you have an ongoing promotion for 30% off on all shoes, your business’ free shipping statement could be the tipping point moment users need to visit your website.

The key to using callouts is being clear and concise since you can only have a maximum of four callouts per ad at 25 characters each.

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