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Where does social media go from here?

socialmediaSocial media’s importance in digital marketing has been widely acknowledged for some time now. Whether you’re looking to shape your brand’s identity or connect with potential partners from around the world, establishing a strong social media presence is vital to communicating your company’s values and expertise.

So, what does it mean to have a strong social presence? Most companies have developed Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn profiles, for good reason: these three networks boast the largest user base and have established themselves as valuable tools for brand development and communication. But as demonstrated by networks like Pinterest, Instagram, Periscope and Snapchat, the social media atmosphere is in constant flux, and marketers must be willing to evolve.

In recent Marketing Land article, columnist Timothy Carter describes how Snapchat’s continued growth holds lessons for marketers. The rising social media giant is serious about user privacy, captures “in-the-moment” experiences, is targeted primarily to a mobile audience, and draws the majority of its user base from generations below the age of 35.

Each of these characteristics hints at the future of social media. As the sub-35 population ages, social media will become an increasingly accepted mainstream news and information source. Mobile devices will grow in prominence in comparison to desktop. Reaching audiences at specific moments in time will become more important than ever.

Social media’s evolution will mirror in many ways the evolution of marketing. As users become more comfortable with quickly-evolving technology, marketers will have to evolve at the same pace.

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