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Social media marketing: a guide to the basics

Google generates billions of dollars each year in search advertising revenue, and in return it offers a comprehensive suite of analytic and measurement tools to help advertisers manage their campaigns and assess return on investment. However, not all areas of the digital marketing industry provide such cut-and-dry results. Social media marketing, for example, requires more nuanced measurement.

Companies on Twitter, in particular, have difficulty determining whether their efforts are successful. But with hundreds of millions of monthly active users and the fact that “50 percent of Twitter users are more likely to buy the product of brands they follow online,” according to a recent Marketing Land article from Will Scott, the innovative micro-blogging platform is ripe with opportunities for brands to spread their influence. So, what should your company be doing to optimize its social media presence, including on Twitter?

First, if you’re going to engage in social media marketing, take the time to do it correctly: carefully consider your profile and banner images and company description, and ensure your business information – hours, location, etc… – mirrors other listings on the web.

Once your basic profiles are set up, think about the tone and subject of your messaging. Though it can be an effective e-commerce platform, most users don’t visit social media networks to make purchases. Rather than promoting specific products or services, comment on industry news, local events and sports, national holidays, and other accessible, non-partisan subjects. The first goal of your social media campaign should be to attract engagement, solidify your standing within your industry, and help customers become more familiar and comfortable with your brand.

Social media eliminates several degrees of separation between companies and their customers. On Twitter, consumers can tweet directly at a company, and the company can reply in real time. Facebook Messenger, Kik, Slack and Skype have all introduced chatbots that return quick answers to FAQs. For more complicated queries, customer service reps can send direct messages.

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