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How can content marketers reach local audiences?

Crafting relevant, informative content is critical to the success of any digital marketing campaign, but great content isn’t standardized: different products and services have different customers, and content marketers must address each audience as personally as possible.

How then can content marketers serving many clients or large businesses with franchises in multiple locations create content that appeals to local users? This is particularly difficult for multi-location companies that want to maintain big-picture messaging and aesthetics while delivering unique content for each franchise.

One popular technique is creating generic templates that members of each local team can fill with relevant images and content. This pursuit will help retain a recognizable visual theme while keeping local patrons in touch with location-specific deals or events.

Local team members should also be encouraged to highlight charity fundraisers, community demonstrations, and other local events they take part in. Seeing members of a well-known company participating in uniquely local activities will communicate the brand’s ties to a specific region, city, or even neighbourhood.

Employing regional humor is another effective indicator to users that “we’re one of you.” PR and SEO consultant Lexi Mills, in an interview with Marketing Land’s Megan Hannay, emphasized the value of local humour.

“I always try and go to local comedy,” she said. “It’s a very good way to get really embedded in a community, and there’s this age-old saying in newspapers which is about tickling people. If you can make someone giggle, if you can make them laugh, you’ve got their engagement.”

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Image credit: Fortepan/Wikimedia Commons