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  • Oct262017
    digital marketing agencies

    How can digital marketing agencies prepare for voice search?

    One of the world’s most influential research and advisory firms, Forrester, recently published a report on the state of voice…

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  • Oct192017
    digital marketing agencies

    Can social media properties boost websites’ SEO?

    How do your company’s social media properties affect your search rankings? Can social media play a role in your holistic…

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  • Oct122017
    social media advertising

    In pursuit of ethical social media advertising practices

    On September 14, ProPublica published a scathing article about targeting options used by Facebook’s social media advertising engine. “Want to…

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  • Oct052017
    digital marketing agency

    Under-performing campaigns are learning opportunities

    Data and analytics are crucial to any digital marketing agency’s successful decision making. At GrowthEngine, we carefully determine what aspects…

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