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Under-performing campaigns are learning opportunities

Data and analytics are crucial to any digital marketing agency’s successful decision making. At GrowthEngine, we carefully determine what aspects of search and display campaigns are working, and then try to replicate that success across less successful areas.

At times, however, marketers become too focused on what’s working and forget to analyze what isn’t. A recent article from PPC Hero reminds us that we can often glean as much valuable information from our struggling campaigns as we can from our winning ones.

“If you can eradicate erroneous clicks,” the article reads, “you can have more of that gravy to push towards productive initiatives.”

The article states that location, income, demographic, and device qualifiers all return data that can help you maximize your return on investment. Maintaining a detailed focus on statistics can help your digital marketing agency overcome particular biases or instincts about a product that may be off base.

“It’s easy to get boxed into traditional beliefs about demographics,” PPC Hero reports. “Don’t do that. Let the data guide you. For example, it seems intuitive that gaming products would perform best with a younger demographic. It might surprise you to learn that over 45% of gaming searches are conducted by individuals 35 years old and up.”

Take a detailed look at your analytics data to determine where you can save or reassign budget. Your product may be consumed by more low-income families, users on mobile devices, or audiences outside of your traditional geographical service area than you expected. By placing negative bid modifiers on under-performing targets, you can spend more on the tactics that work.

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