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Can SEOs cope with the rise of RankBrain, AI, and user signals?

Reaching the top of Google’s search engine ranking pages (SERP) is always tough, and because Google continually tweaks and updates its algorithm to provide better results for users, the challenges faced by your Toronto digital marketing agency are continually changing. Ten years ago, small companies with fresh websites had little hope of supplanting established brands with long-standing trust, and shady SEO tactics allowed websites to rank highly with thin, keyword-stuffed content.

As Google rolled out progressively more sophisticated algorithm updates, however, website quality played a larger and larger role in determining search positioning. RankBrain, Google’s machine learning technology, helped level the playing field even further and has forced SEOs to reevaluate their practices.

RankBrain is Google’s third most important ranking factor. In an excellent article for Search Engine Land, Kristopher Jones, author of SEO Visual Blueprint, explains that Google uses machine learning “to find patterns and make sense of relevant data when it analyzes user engagement in its SERP listings.”

In other words, traditional ranking signals (links, content, etc…) deliver search results, and Google’s machine learning technology helps gradually assess those results’ usefulness based on user signals. Positioning may change over time as the pool of user data grows, making user signals incredibly important to organic rankings.

So, how can your Toronto digital marketing agency ensure visitors to your site return positive user signals? Jones advises creating a “solid UX foundation” with a focus on thematic continuity, high-quality landing pages, engaging images, interactive content, great page speed, and an organized and cohesive internal link structure.

As a Premier Google Partner Toronto digital marketing agency with access to valuable insights on Google’s preferred practices, GrowthEngine Media employs a combination of contemporary and tried-and-true SEO techniques to ensure that your website ranks highly for the keywords and keyword phrases that matter to your business.