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How to win local search in 2018

On November 9, Local SEO Guide released a comprehensive report on the state of local ranking factors in 2017. Specifically, the report looked at what it takes to rank in local pack results, an important objective for many small- and medium-sized businesses and their local search marketing agency.

The report yielded two major takeaways: traditional organic SEO strategies can have a major impact on local pack results; and online reviews, particularly on Google My Business profiles, are increasingly powerful.

“The data suggest that Google, while attempting to shift to more engagement-based and locally relevant factors for its Local algorithm, is still susceptible to the traditional organic SEO tactics,” said Local SEO Guide CEO and founder Andrew Shotland. “The immaturity of the Local algorithm combined with the power of a focused SEO effort can yield outsized benefits for smart location-marketers.”

So, how can a local search marketing agency leverage this information to improve your performance in local pack results?

This first step is to implement a detailed and comprehensive organic search optimization strategy. That means investing in link building, content creation, and user experience upgrades to improve your ranking in organic search results; Local SEO Guide found that the most effective means of appearing in local packs is to “crush it in organic search.”

You’ll also want to solicit reviews and engagement on your Google My Business listing. This tactic reflects Google’s growing emphasis on user signals; reviews reflect businesses’ real-world popularity and are particularly influential when they mention targeted keywords and geographic locations.

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Image credit: Jazz Guy/Wikimedia Commons