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  • Feb222018
    display remarketing

    Google gives users more control over advertising

    In January, Google announced changes to give users more control over the display ads they see. The update aims to…

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  • Feb152018
    search engine optimization

    Google announces mobile search algorithm for July 2018

    Last week, Google announced the launch of a mobile search ranking algorithm update in July 2018. The update aims to…

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  • Feb082018
    social media marketing

    Will Facebook’s News Feed changes affect social media marketing?

    Facebook co-founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg made his New Year’s resolutions very public social media users and social media marketing…

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  • Feb012018
    paid search marketing

    Are we due for a paid search renaissance?

    Consumers’ online behaviour is changing, and the digital marketing industry is changing with it. Gone are the days when SEO…

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