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Google gives users more control over advertising

In January, Google announced changes to give users more control over the display ads they see. The update aims to improve users’ online experience, but may have a negative effect on advertisers running display remarketing campaigns.

“Today we’re announcing more additions to Ads Settings and Mute This Ad to give you more control to mute the ads you see on Google, on websites, and in apps,” Google’s Jon Krafcik wrote in a January 25 blog post.

Users will be able to choose which companies’ advertisements they see by selecting from the ‘Your Reminder Ads’ list in the ‘Ads Settings’ area of the ‘My Account’ resource. “Reminders Ads” is Google’s consumer-facing term for display remarketing ads.

When the ‘Mute This Ad’ function debuted in 2012, it allowed users to dismiss individual advertisements by clicking the ‘x’ in the top right corner of the ad. At the time, a dismissal applied only to that specific advertisement on that specific device. Now, dismissing an ad will mute all ads from that advertiser and will apply across the user’s account. The change will at first affect the Google Display Network, but will expand to YouTube, search, and Gmail in the near future.

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Google’s most recent announcements regarding paid search and display remarketing advertising make clear that the search giant wants to eliminate intrusive, annoying digital marketing tactics. That doesn’t mean that marketing on the internet is dead; rather, advertisers and their digital marketing agencies must commit to producing high-quality ads that contribute to users’ online experiences.


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