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Google doubles down on mobile with AMP Stories

If your digital marketing agency isn’t emphasizing mobile, they’re working in the wrong decade.

Last month, Google announced the launch of a new visually-driven storytelling feature available to mobile users: AMP Stories. The format emphasizes Google’s focus on mobile experiences.

Stories are the latest addition to the AMP Project, an initiative that allows publishers to create mobile-friendly content with super-fast load times. The new format is “built on the technical infrastructure of AMP to provide a fast, beautiful experience on the mobile web,” according to Google’s announcement.

A number of prominent publishers were involved in the development of AMP Stories, including CNN, Conde Nast, Mashable, Vox, and the Washington Post. The publishers brought together reporters, illustrators, designers, and video editors to present their content in immersive, innovative ways. If you’re on a mobile device, you can check out their stories by searching them within

Another important announcement for any digital marketing agency was Google’s AMP for Email, a “powerful way for developers to create more engaging, interactive, and actionable email experiences,” the company said. Per Marketing Land, benefits of the platform include content that is kept up-to-date in real-time, and the ability of email recipients to browse and interact with content.

It is impossible to know at this early juncture what type of impact AMP Stores and AMP for Email will have on digital marketing or the internet more broadly. But their launch makes clear that Google wants to provide fast, coherent, and accessible mobile experiences for its users, and digital marketers should aspire to do just that.

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