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Digital video marketing is here to stay

With Facebook implementing an increasingly video-heavy News Feed, Instagram extending the length of its video posts to a full minute, and YouTube remaining one of the most popular sites on the web, video marketing has become a dominant force in the digital advertising world.

On April 17, Google took steps to capitalize on the immense popularity of online videos by offering advertisers a new way ‘to extend the reach of [their video marketing] campaigns to people beyond YouTube.’

Outstream videos are mobile-only ads that display on Google Partner sites and mobile apps on the Google Display Network. The ads autoplay without sound as they come into view on mobile screens; users can tap for sound and to restart the video, or simply scroll by. The format is not yet available on YouTube.

Google offered a trial version of the new platform to the Hong Kong Tourism board, which used it “to reach a broad set of potential travelers across Asia,” according to General Manager, Marketing, Tina Chao.

“Outstream video ads delivered strong results for our global brand campaign: 30% incremental reach with a 40% lower cost per completed video view and 85% lower CPM,” she said.

Video advertising isn’t right for every company, but Google’s latest push to facilitate video marketing confirms that the medium is now integral to the wider digital marketing sphere. As users’ online behaviour continues to evolve, brands must find innovative new ways to engage with their target audiences and remain visible and memorable to customers.

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Image credit: Kirill Proskurin/Flickr