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Google I/O 2018: A brief, belated recap

Last month, Google held its annual I/O conference, a gathering of developers from around the world that focuses on next-generation technology. Each year, the company unveils new products and updates with significant implications for every digital marketing agency – 2018 was no exception.

Google Maps

Google announced several new features for its Maps platform at I/O, including “Your Match,” which predicts whether users will like a business, and Explore, which displays interesting nearby restaurants, events, and activities.  Visibility within the Explore tab could be significantly beneficial for local businesses.

Google Assistant

Lots of new features will be added to Google’s digital assistant over the coming months and years, including new voices, better conversational functionality, and the ability to make appointments through a phone-based AI system called Duplex. This function’s demo garnered significant media attention thanks to Duplex’s incredibly lifelike voice and uncanny ability to converse with humans.

Google Lens

Originally announced at I/O 2017, the updated Google Lens application will allow user to point their smartphone camera at items and receive information via an AR overlay. Retailers should take special note of this feature, as it will allow users to point at products they like and view shopping options.

Paid Advertising

Though I/O is generally a showcase for futuristic innovations, Google also announced an update to AdWords that will allow app developers to display more content within the Google Play store. This feature will be made available later this year.

Professionals at any digital marketing agency can glean valuable information from developer gatherings like I/O and Facebook’s F8. While advertising is rarely the focus of these conferences, it is undoubtedly the mechanism through which the tech giants will monetize their newest technologies. By keeping up with the latest tech trends, agencies can plan more effectively for the future.

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