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Local Search is Evolving

The changes have been incremental, but local search is evolving. For local search marketing professionals and their clients, that means engaging more than ever with Google’s growing suite of monetized platforms.

Today, Google search results pages (SERPs) are dominated by the company’s products, including paid search ads; the Knowledge Panel; reviews, news, and image carousels; Google Shopping links; and the local pack. For small- and medium-sized businesses hoping to be discovered through search, appearing in these spaces is crucial, and Google holds the key.

Google My Business, for example, has never been more important. In addition to providing relevant contact information and addresses, users can now access Google Posts, Google Q&A, and business reviews through their My Business profiles. Maintaining an accurate and updated My Business account, a task that local search marketing agencies are equipped to handle, can improve your company’s visibility.

Businesses who don’t purchase paid search engine advertising through Google AdWords may want to consider doing so; SEO is a great way to get found and ensure that your site is functional and user-friendly, but even high-ranking pages are sometimes difficult to find on crowded SERPs. An aggressive and carefully implemented AdWords strategy will ensure that your company is visible to the clients that matter.

Voice search is also expected to have a major impact on local search as users move away from screen-based devices. While this transition remains incomplete, companies that optimize for voice search today will be better prepared for the rise of digital assistants.

As a Premier Google Partner digital marketing agency with access to valuable insights on Google’s preferred practices, GrowthEngine Media strives to understand your business’s unique needs and create a comprehensive strategy that works for you. If local search visibility is your aim, a thorough review of your Google accounts is an excellent place to start.

Image credit: justgrimes/Flickr