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Time to consider video marketing

In an article for Think with Google, David Rodnitzky of 3Q Digital argued that digital video marketing, when done right, has evolved from an unknown quantity to a reliable source of predictable, measurable return-on-investment. Until recently, he writes, video was considered “the realm of those Madison Avenue creative types who measure success not by ROI but by the number of Gold Lions they win at Cannes.”

This is no longer the case. Consumers are spending an enormous amount of time consuming online video content and, by necessity, video advertising. A March 2018 survey from Deloitte found that the average American internet user spends 15 hours per week watching digital video; advertisers who ignore video are ignoring billions of hours of access to consumers.

The popularity of digital video is also reflected in Google and Facebook’s increasing focus on the medium. Facebook is engaged in an ongoing push to populate its News Feed with more video content, and both companies have developed tools to make publishing, targeting, and measuring digital video marketing content easier and more accessible.

Digital video advertising won’t work for every market, but as internet connections become faster, demographics change, and the library of online video content continues to grow, expect more brands to adopt this important marketing approach. Video is also an opportunity for organizations to experiment with their brand identity, deliver important information regarding their products or services, and change the way they interact with consumers.

As a Premier Google Partner digital marketing agency with access to valuable insights on Google’s preferred practices, GrowthEngine Media understands that online advertising is in a constant state of flux. While tried-and-true search engine marketing strategies still deliver meaningful results, forward-thinking advertisers are diversifying their approach and reaching customers through an array of new platforms and mediums, including digital video marketing.


Image credit: Vancouver Film School/Flickr