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Google releases algorithm update

Last month, Google confirmed the release of a “broad core algorithm update.” Your SEO agency may have notified you of some search ranking fluctuations as a result. This is not an uncommon occurrence; Google releases one or more algorithm changes per day and several major updates per year.

Last week’s update was at least the third major update of 2018 following releases in March and April. In those cases, webmasters noticed significant ranking changes, prompting Google to issue a statement saying, “there’s nothing wrong with pages that may now perform less well.”

“Instead,” the statement continued, “it’s that changes to our systems are benefiting pages that were previously under rewarded.”

In other words, there was nothing that any SEO agency could do to immediately fix ranking drops, and the same is true of last week’s update. If your website’s search rankings have fallen, it doesn’t mean your SEO is sub-par or that you’re missing key elements. The movement is a reflection of Google’s shifting priorities as it seeks to deliver the best results for users.

Instead of seeking out quick fixes, companies are advised to continue investing in the overall quality of their websites. Focus on mobile compatibility, user experience, high-quality content, features like AMP and live chat, and other factors that contribute to the usefulness of your page. Your rankings should eventually stabilize and may rise as Google rolls out future major updates.

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