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SEOs have new challenges and opportunities in 2019

Each year, as internet users’ search habits change, every webmaster and SEO agency must develop new strategies to ensure their websites remain highly visible to target audiences. This New Year will be no different: user behaviours continued to evolve in 2018, as searchers relied less on text search, more on voice search, and steadily migrated from desktop to mobile.

Writing for Search Engine Land last week, BrightEdge CEO Jim Yu provided several useful tips for capitalizing on users’ shifting search preferences.

Understand your audiences. The better you as an SEO agency understand your customers, the more likely you will be to create online content that resonates with them. Yu advocates for creating audience personas that provide “a framework from which to ideate, create, optimize, distribute and promote” the content you spend so much time building. A thorough understanding of your customers will also enable you to provide more personalized experiences, a factor that internet users have come to expect.

Leverage AI-enabled data. Every visit to your website, every click on a Facebook post or impression on a blog article, generates useful data that can be analyzed and put to use creating more efficient and effective campaigns. Artificial intelligence and machine learning have made analyzing that data more accessible than ever.

Toot your own horn. These new troves of data don’t only show areas for improvement and opportunities for optimization; they also show where your campaigns are successful. Leverage this data in reports to your clients! Let them know that you’re putting in the work and delivering the results they pay for.

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