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  • Jan312019
    Bing Ads in digital marketing

    Don’t forget about Bing Ads!

    The broad goal of any digital marketing campaign is to maximize online visibility. The purpose of this visibility may vary…

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  • Jan242019
    Ranking update causes stir with SEO agency

    Webmasters feel the impact of Google’s latest algorithm update

    As every digital marketing and SEO agency knows, Google updates its ranking algorithm multiple times a week and hundreds of…

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  • Jan172019
    PMM is the new match type every digital marketing agency needs to know about

    Introducing Phrase Match Modifier

    When you work for a digital marketing agency, your clients expect you to push the envelope, to develop new ways…

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  • Jan112019
    Tips for every digital marketing agency in 2019

    Digital marketing in 2019

    While the steadfast pillars of search engine marketing (SEM), search engine optimization (SEO), and social media marketing (both paid and…

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  • Jan032019
    A look at the year in digital marketing

    The Year that was in Digital Marketing

    The past twelve months have seen significant events in domestic politics, international affairs, the environment, and a handful of other…

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