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Don’t forget about Bing Ads!

The broad goal of any digital marketing campaign is to maximize online visibility. The purpose of this visibility may vary – do you want to increase brand awareness or improve conversion rate? – but creating a formidable online presence is an essential starting point. And where better to start this pursuit than Google?

In the digital marketing industry, a lot of attention is paid to Google. How will the latest algorithm update affect my rankings? What does the new Ads product mean for my campaign? Does it help that I’m a Premier Partner?

The focus is warranted. Google commands more than 37 per cent of total digital advertising dollars and holds a commanding lead in search ad market share. The company brought in more than $95-billion in advertising revenue in 2017 alone.

But the digital marketing and paid search industries are not monopolies. Many other players have stakes in the game, including Microsoft via its search engine, Bing, and advertising platform, Bing Ads. Though Bing accounted for just 2.4 per cent of global searches in December 2018, it attracts roughly 33 per cent of American and 16 per cent of Canadian search advertising dollars.

Bing is bigger than you think. It powers three separate search engines – Bing, Yahoo, and AOL – and hosts 5.4 billion searches per month, including 63 million that can’t be reached by Google Ads. Its average user is older and wealthier than the average Google user. And Bing Ads’ average cost per click is $7.99, compared to $20.08 on Google Ads.

In other words: Don’t forget about Bing Ads!

At GrowthEngine Media, our goal is to get you found online by the customers that matter most. Even as a Google Premier Partner agency, we believe there’s more to digital marketing than throwing money at Google. Advertising across several digital marketing platforms, including Bing Ads, will ensure your company is recognizable to all potential customers.