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Internet Users Believe They’re Better Off Without Ads

Most internet users find online advertising annoying, according to a new survey from eMarketer. The data and research company asked a panel of ‘US digital buyers’ – people who make purchases online – what sort of ads they found useful, and what kind they could live without. There was some enthusiasm for static banner ads, sponsored social media posts, and paid search results, but the majority (58 per cent) said that no online ads were ever useful. These results might sound grim for digital marketing agencies, but in reality they shed light on opportunities to stand out.

Internet users and advertisers both consider online advertising a necessary evil. It can be annoying or intrusive to users, but it also helps fund the platforms and content they love. Advertisers, meanwhile, understand that the internet is the best possible place to reach customers, but risk pushing them away with overzealous campaigns.

The solution is to deliver thoughtful messaging to targeted customers at the moments they are most receptive to it – in other words to reach the right people with the right message at the right time. Additional research shows, for example, that more than half of consumers want companies to deliver messaging via email. More than half were also motivated to make purchases by ads for discounts. Sixty-three per cent said they willingly sat through ads when it paid for the content they were watching. Customers are less annoyed at digital marketing in general as they are at bad digital marketing.

That’s why GrowthEngine Media combines sophisticated targeting with relevant, engaging creative to reach customers with agreeable brand messaging. As a Google Premier Partner digital marketing agency with access to valuable insights on Google’s preferred practices, GrowthEngine Media can help you develop an online strategy that draws consumers in rather than push them away. Contact us today to discuss our approach.