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Amazon is Rising in the Paid Search Field

Google has dominated the paid search ad market for as long as PPC has existed. In the constantly-evolving digital world, this sort of longevity is remarkable – but how long can it last? In October, eMarketer reported that Amazon is slowly eating away at Google’s paid search supremacy. A changing of the guards is a long way off, but Amazon’s rise should be on the radar of ever digital marketing professional.

“The US search ad market overall will grow nearly 18% this year to reach $55.17 billion,” eMarketer reports. “Google will obtain a 73.1% share translating to $40.33 billion. But, while Google will remain the dominant player for the next several years, its share is dropping. By 2021, it will capture 70.5% of the market.”

Amazon’s paid search platform, meanwhile, is booming. eMarketer predicts 30 per cent year-over-year growth, translating to roughly $7.09 billion in revenue, and market share growth from 12.9% today to nearly 16% by 2021. The bulk of the growth is attributable to Amazon’s product search supremacy.

“Amazon’s ad business has attracted massive increases in spending because advertisers can reach consumers during product queries, a time when they’re ready to buy,” said eMarketer principal analyst Nicole Perrin. “Amazon has also rolled out better measurement and targeting tools, making it even more attractive for advertisers.”

For advertisers in the retail business, Amazon’s paid search platform is an opportunity to keep an eye on. Combined with Google Ads, an Amazon advertising campaign could expand your reach and improve overall online visibility.

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