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As Pandemic Panic Cools, Advertisers Come Back Online

These are tough times, and one of most frustrating things about of our current predicament is our inability to plan for the future. We don’t know when a vaccine will arrive, and we don’t know when our economies will reopen. We can’t even predict with any certainty what the next two weeks will hold. And yet, recent digital marketing data shows that companies are coming back online. Even in hard-hit industries, like travel and tourism, advertisers are reigniting their paid search campaigns.

Last week, Third Door Media editor-in-chief Ginny Marvin spoke to colleagues about the state of digital marketing amid the COVID-19 pandemic. She found that many brands have started advertising again, and that more are preparing to do so in the near future. She also discovered that some brands who immediately stopped advertising did so not out of panic but to revaluate and tweak their strategies. Currently, there is a sense that the most tumultuous days of the pandemic are behind us.

“Yes, we are starting to bring spend back,” one marketer told Marvin. “Most clients are beginning to accept where [we] are now as a new normal (even after govt restrictions are lifted).”

With that in mind, companies are planning for a period of increased access to online consumers. One consultant told Marvin that “every day since … the 15th [of April] has been like an unplanned Black Friday for my eComm clients.”

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