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Digital Marketing Challenges in 2020 and Beyond

Roughly half of all ad dollars are now spent on digital marketing, meaning social media, search engines, display networks, and other digital channels are now the go-to marketing platforms for thousands of businesses in Canada around the world. Digital marketing is also uniquely positioned to survive the COVID-19 pandemic; consumers have drastically changed their behaviour amid the lockdowns, but one thing they haven’t done is reduce screen time.

Despite its advantages, digital marketing isn’t fail proof. Success requires dedication, focus, and investment from you and your digital marketing agency. Recently, the Ad Age Collective Expert Panel identified key challenges facing the digital marketing industry and, in some cases offered solutions. Here are a few important observations:

  • The reduction in third-party cookies will continue to create challenges: Today, ad-targeting based on user information is a key selling feature for digital marketing agencies. As public opinion shifts against data harvesting and cookies become scarcer, the industry must compensate for the loss.
  • Brand safety concerns are at an all-time high: In our tense and fragile political climate, brands are concerned that their ads will appear alongside insensitive web content or display messages that are tone-deaf to recent events. Agencies must regularly pause, review, and adapt messaging to our current news cycle.
  • The pace of technological change threatens to leave slow-moving companies behind: On a seemingly monthly basis, cutting-edge marketing technology changes the way brands reach consumers. For companies lacking massive innovation budgets, the pace of change can be overwhelming. Rely on your agency to stay abreast of the latest trends and suggest updates as necessary.

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