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Are SEO Copywriters Too Focused on Structure?

SEO copywriting has traditionally come with a lot of rules: your content must be at least X-number of words long; it must contain X-number of keywords; it must not be too similar to any other content on your site; it must be written simply, in short-and-sweet sentences and in a strong, active voice.

There are reasons for these rules. Over the years, SEOs have been able to pinpoint exactly what type of written content makes the biggest impact on Google’s ranking algorithm. The rules change over time but maintain the same purpose: attract the attention of Google’s crawlers and push the host website towards the top of relevant search results.

As Mordy Oberstein wrote in a recent article for Search Engine Land: “If you asked most SEOs they would tell you that the key to good SEO content is structure, structure, and even more structure.”

However, Oberstein believes that the ‘structured mindset’ is actually “dangerous, detrimental, and debilitating for creating strong content.” He suggests that there should be no one-size-fits-all structure, and that different subjects demand different approaches. The structure that works for a law firm may not work for a recruitment agency, or a dentist, or a fashion boutique, or a salon, or an auto dealership.

Plus, Google’s ranking tools are becoming more sophisticated by the day. There was a time when the only way to impact Google’s algorithm was to pack your SEO copywriting with keywords and build it according to stringent best practices. Today, Google is better able to understand what your content is about, how well it is written, and how well it delivers relevant information to customers, whether or not it follows a traditional content structure. As Google’s tools continue to evolve, expect truly well-written content to replace repetitive, keyword-stuffed jargon atop search results.

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