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COVID-Weary Users Turn to YouTube, and Digital Marketing Agencies Follow

The COVID-19 pandemic prompted people around the world to change their behaviour, often to the benefit of the tech industry and digital marketing agencies. Earlier this year, a team of YouTube trends analysts from Google released the YouTube Culture and Trends Report, which provides analysis on the global shift from in-person to online socialization and theorizes on how brands can benefit.

“Feeling connected is a core human need, and the rapid adoption of video as a tool to help meet that need shows how indispensable this medium has become for so many people,” reads a recent Think with Google article on the report. “Creating a sense of community, relatability, and participation are all shortcuts to help people feel more connected, and by doing this, there is an opportunity for brands to use their creativity and entertainment to bring a deeper level of value to our lives.”

In other words, YouTube’s viewership surged during the pandemic, which created a unique opportunity for advertisers and digital marketing agencies. But that hasn’t made video or social media marketing akin shooting fish in a barrel – just because billions of people use YouTube doesn’t mean your advertising content will succeed.

The Think with Google article suggests that the most successful content today mimics social experiences, both large and small. Eighty-one per cent of Canadians have watched a live stream over the past year, for example – not a perfect stand-in for live hockey, but not a terrible replacement, either. Content creators that prioritize authentic, humble, and positive delivery have also thrived, including 2020’s top US creator, MrBeast.

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