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Let Us Help You with Your Digital Marketing New Year’s Resolutions

It’s been said that creating New Year’s resolutions is an exercise in procrastination; why resolve to do something in the New Year that you can do today? January, though, is the one month during which New Year’s resolutions mean immediate action. This year, we propose resolving to review your digital marketing strategy and identify opportunities for cross-platform outreach before that window closes.

This time last year, much of Canada was under strict COVID-19 lockdown orders. A year later, not much has changed – amid the spread of the Omicron variant, millions of Canadians continue to work and go to school from home; theatres, gyms, and sports and entertainment venues are once again shuttered; and in-person dining is largely off limits. That means people are spending more time with their phones, laptops, tablets, and smart TVs.

To reach your target audience wherever it spends its ample online time, your digital marketing will need to be visible across numerous platforms. Gone are the days when securing the number one spot in Google’s organic search results was sufficient to ensure success; in 2022, you need to be found on properties across the internet and on social media.

GrowthEngine Media offers a variety of services to ensure your website is visible wherever your audience resides. Our team has vast experience with paid search advertising and organic search optimization, and we also help businesses with display advertising and remarketing, YouTube advertising, and social media management and marketing. Together, these services offer visibility through every corner of the online world; our clients that use each of these services benefit from an enhanced online presence and more comprehensive access to their audience.

If you’re interested in expanding your digital marketing reach in 2022, contact us today to discuss your strategy. We will be happy to identify new opportunities to reach customers.


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