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Google’s Advice for Multicultural Digital Marketing

Earlier this month, Google released its six-part Multicultural Marketing Report, a study of Canada’s diversity and how digital marketing agencies should respond to and accommodate shifting demographics.

In part one, the report identifies some striking macro-sociological data points, including the fact that 22 per cent of Canada’s population – roughly eight million people – identify as racial minorities, a percentage set to increase to 36 per cent by 2036.

“As Canada’s diverse population continues to grow as a result of increase immigration, prioritizing diversity within all marketing efforts is only going to become even more essential,” the report’s authors point out.

So, what does effective multicultural digital marketing look like? For one, it’s important to acknowledge that diversity in Canada looks different than diversity in other countries, including the United States. The top countries of origin for Canadian permanent residents in 2019 were India, China and the Philippines; south of the border, the top countries of origin were Mexico and other Latin American nations.

Google identifies five additional steps to building “meaningful, multicultural strategies”:

  1. Socialize the ‘why’: In other words, discuss with your team why multicultural marketing and communications is important so that its value is affirmed throughout your organization.
  2. Design an inclusive strategy: Designing effective and authentic inclusive strategies isn’t possible without inclusive teams. It’s especially important to cultivate diverse representation in leadership positions.
  3. Build authentic content: Authenticity is key to all marketing, with inclusive marketing strategies being no exception.
  4. Balance your go-to-market plan: ‘Diverse and inclusive principles should be embedded in all marketing efforts,’ Google shares, ‘including media strategies.’
  5. Measure, learn, and adapt: Doing well takes time, experimentation, and trial-and-error. If you face challenges at the start of your campaigns, measure and adjust.

If you have questions about how to reach a more diverse audience with your digital marketing efforts, reach out to GrowthEngine Media today. Our team will be happy to discuss ways to expand your reach and speak to all Canadians.


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