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Connected TVs Are a Valuable Frontier in Digital Marketing

One of the primary benefits of digital marketing vs traditional advertising is the fact that digital marketing allows advertisers to reach users throughout the day. No longer do brands have to wait for their target audiences to drive by highway-side billboards or tune in to their favourite primetime sitcoms; personal computers and smartphones have allowed companies to reach consumers in virtually every waking moment.

Another key benefit is targeting. The rampant collection of internet users’ personal data has allowed businesses to target their ads to a microscopic subsection of society. Even with the world’s tech companies ramping up efforts to provide more private browsing experiences, advertisers today have access to infinitely more data than they did in the pre-digital-marketing dark ages.

Even though both benefits are old news, advertising platforms continue to find new ways to apply them. Take connected TV (CTV), for example. In a recent article for Think with Google Canada, YouTube Canada’s Brand Strategy Lead Mieke Goeijenbier explained how connected TVs, which are any television screens connected to the internet, can help advertisers reach target audiences through yet another medium: the small screen.

According to the article, Canadians now regularly watch digital content through their televisions. And we’re not just talking about Netflix and Disney+; in December 2021, more than 16 million Canadians streamed YouTube videos to their TV screens. In fact, many Canadians now see streaming and traditional TV as one and the same.

That means advertisers with YouTube strategies can now reach consumers during one of the few moments that they were previously inaccessible – while watching television with their families in the evening. And, rather than pay lofty prices for vaguely targeted traditional TV commercials, those same advertisers can simultaneously leverage Google’s pinpoint targeting parameters.

In other words, businesses with digital marketing budgets can now show up on target consumers TVs without paying television advertising prices. Reach out to GrowthEngine Media today to discuss your YouTube strategy.


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