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The Rise of Experiential Digital Marketing in 2022

Experiential digital marketing is going to be a big digital marketing trend in 2022. But you’re probably wondering what experiential digital marketing is.

What Is Experiential Digital Marketing?

Experiential marketing is the process of creating a highly engaging digital experience that allows you to reach more customers and expands beyond the usual toolbox of blogs, podcasts, videos, etc. While your tactics may differ if you’re B2C or B2B, in truth, any consumer can be impacted by a superior experiential marketing experience.

Types of Experiential Marketing Tactics

For decades now, we really haven’t taken advantage of all the digital world has to offer marketers.

Yes, we have podcasts, video, and blogs that are more easily and widely accessible, but that’s just an innovation on distribution, not the marketing efforts themselves. After all, television advertising, written ads, and radio spots have been around for decades.

But the digital world has all these wonderful innovations like augmented reality and video games that can be leveraged to help encourage your target market down the sales funnel.

The Rise of Experiential Digital Marketing in 2022


There’s the obvious: advertisements in video games (which are becoming more and more frequent). But you can really stretch your imagination here. You could create small games or interactive online experiences that can themselves be solely designed to encourage sales.

And for B2B marketing efforts, imagine an interactive web page or targeted ad that engages the customer with a mix of visuals, audio, and even small, highly relevant games that pique their interest and demonstrate the value they’ll gain from working with your business.

These are just some of the ways you can innovate in 2022 to set your marketing efforts apart from the competition and really leave a lasting impression on customers.

Being Creative Is at the Core of Digital Marketing in 2022

Relying on the same old ‘been there, done that’ tactics for digital marketing in 2022? Experiential digital marketing is just one of many new marketing opportunities you should be exploring. Talk to us to find out how you can energize your sales channels and get maximum value for your marketing budget.