• Dec142020
    algorithmic christmas tree

    Google Launches December Core Algorithm Update

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  • Nov162020
    user experience planning

    Google Confirms Upcoming User Experience Ranking Update

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  • Feb182020

    Rumoured Algorithm Update Causes Major Ranking Changes

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  • Jun062019
    SEO agencies panic over algorithm updates. Why?

    An Optimistic Take on Algorithm Updates

    Every few weeks, SEO agencies around the country panic about Google’s latest major ranking algorithm update. The trepidation isn’t unwarranted…

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  • May022019
    Need help getting found online? Contact an SEO agency

    Most Small Businesses Don’t Use SEO

    On April 10, The Manifest published a report on small businesses’ understanding and use of search engine optimization (SEO). The…

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  • Apr252019
    Affected by the Google de-indexing bug? An SEO agency can help.

    Google de-indexing bug riles SEO agencies

    The big news in the search industry this April was a lingering bug in Google’s search index. Starting in early…

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  • Apr112019
    An SEO agency can get you found online

    Ahrefs Announces Plans for Google Alternative

    Last week, Dmitry Gerasimenko, Founder and CEO of popular SEO agency toolset provider Ahrefs, announced on Twitter that his company…

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  • Apr052019
    Fraudulent digital marketing agencies exposed in Australia

    Australia targets unsavoury SEO agencies

    The office of the Australian Small Business and Family Enterprise Ombudsman (ASBFEO), Kate Carnell, is taking aim at the country’s…

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  • Mar282019
    Hurt by algorithm update? An SEO agency can help.

    Google launches major algorithm update

    It’s hard to overstate the value of high-visibility search rankings, especially for small and local businesses. When your business appears…

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  • Jan242019
    Ranking update causes stir with SEO agency

    Webmasters feel the impact of Google’s latest algorithm update

    As every digital marketing and SEO agency knows, Google updates its ranking algorithm multiple times a week and hundreds of…

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