Online Display Advertising

Online Display Advertising allows your company to display ads to local consumers using a variety of targeting and retargeting methods. GrowthDisplay will strengthen your brand’s awareness and in combination with more highly targeted online advertising, such as GrowthSearch, it will ultimately drive conversions. Display ads complement paid search campaigns by ensuring top-of-mind presence for your brand, growth of consumer affinity and by delivering valuable traffic to your website.

Whereas GrowthSearch ads appear on Search Engine results pages, as text ads; display ads appear as static or dynamic images on other websites that you visit. Ads will appear on the GrowthDisplay network, which consists of thousands of top local and national news, weather, business, sports, entertainment and relevant types of sites. We will work with you to set an effective campaign budget, which makes this form of advertising a very cost-effective method to increase your brand’s awareness. This is where smart marketers have reallocated and deployed some of their print budgets. This enables companies to display their brand and offers, while their target consumers are surfing the web and consuming information.

Your GrowthDisplay solution will be tailored towards your business. A combination of the following targeting and retargeting methods will be used to increase the likelihood of capturing qualified leads.


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When a consumer visits a web page, a profile is created on the visitor’s web browser. This profile contains information such as the sites they visited, the pages they viewed, the amount of time they viewed each page, the links they clicked on and any actions they took on these visited sites. When visitors return to a website in our GrowthDisplay network of sites using the same web browser, their profile can be used to target your ads effectively. We can position your display ads in front of consumers who fit a profile that defines them as, “likely to purchase your product or service.” This type of advertising will target qualified leads and strengthen your brand presence with potential consumers.

This type of targeted advertising displays ads on websites within the GrowthDisplay network that match your targeted campaign keywords. These keywords will place your ads on websites with pages that include topics relating to your product or service. This allows you to target display ads towards consumers at the exact time that they’re searching the web for a product or service that you offer. This delivers the right message at the right time to a prospective consumer.

GrowthDisplay Remarketing works by placing code on the back end of your website. This code places retargeting “cookies” in the web browsers of consumers that visit your site. These retargeting cookies are used to display ads to consumers whenever they browse the web. We can retarget your ads to be viewed by these consumers when they visit just about anywhere online. Remarketing ensures top-of-mind presence for your brand and it will encourage consumers to make another visit to your website, which increases their likelihood of purchasing your product or service.

Facebook Remarketing will retarget your ads to display on Facebook after a consumer has visited your website. Facebook Remarketing has been proven to retarget to an audience that has little overlap with a traditional online remarketing campaign, which displays ads wherever a consumer might be while on the web. This makes Facebook Remarketing an effective complement to your overall GrowthDisplay campaign by creating top-of-mind brand presence and addressing an audience that may not otherwise be targeted by other methods.