Live Chat

Growth Live Chat allows you to engage your prospective consumers, as soon as they visit your website. Adding a personal touch to a digital world, Growth Live Chat creates a positive experience by allowing you to make an instant connection with potential consumers. This service is one the easiest ways to turn your visitors into leads.

We will capture leads by obtaining contact and query information from site visitors. These leads are instantly forwarded to you, so that you can ensure top-notch customer service by addressing their inquiries accordingly. It has been proven that a Live Chat agent on your website can increase leads by 25%. This increase is due to the following factors:

24-Hour Professional Service

A professional GrowthLive Chat agent will be available to engage prospective consumers 24 hours a day. This ensures that you are able to obtain contact information for potential consumers regardless of what time they may be visiting your site. This is particularly useful if they are visiting your website outside of regular business hours. Our Live Chat agents are trained to respond to all inquiries using a script we will customize with you. They are trained professionals who will help you gather information from each lead, including a contact’s phone number, email and the product or service a visitor is interested in.

Lead Follow-Up

You will receive an email immediately after every GrowthLive Chat engagement. This email will outline all the contact information obtained by our agents, as well as the product or service each lead was interested in. This lets you follow up with all leads as soon as possible and it lets you grow and maintain a database of qualified leads. Our product integrates with all popular CRM solutions.

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Live Call Connect

Should a prospective consumer wish to be connected directly to you during regular business hours, Live Call Connect allows our GrowthLive Chat agents to start a call between you and the consumer. The Live Call Connect feature becomes an invaluable aspect of the customer service experience because it allows you to immediately attend to your consumers’ needs and convert leads into sales. These calls are also recorded for your future reference, assisting you to better understand how to serve your consumers.