Google Launches December Core Algorithm Update

Google Launches December Core Algorithm Update
December 14, 2020 Clark Kingsbury
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Google Launches December Core Algorithm Update

On December 3, Google announced the release of its ‘December 2020 Core Update.’ The roll out has caught the attention of every SEO agency in Canada.

This year’s previous algorithm updates were released in January and May. Core algorithm updates tend to cause major ripples in the SEO community. Organic search is a primary driver of website traffic for businesses across all industries, so fluctuations in search rankings can have a major impact on clients’ KPIs. This most recent update is especially notable for two reasons.

The first reason is timing. Many businesses rely on holiday revenue to meet annual goals. In 2020, more of that revenue is coming through online sources than ever before, and diminished search visibility can have a major impact on a business’s bottom line. Google waited until after the Black Friday Cyber Monday gauntlet to release the update, but it could still upset some businesses’ holiday plans.

The second reason is the sheer size of the update. SEOs were shocked by the impact of the May 2020 update, and early data suggests the December update may be even bigger. According to Search Engine Land, RankRanger reported an average 98 per cent rank volatility in the top 10 results; 55 per cent rank volatility in the top five results; and 55 per cent volatility in the top three results. Additionally, the average position change in the top twenty spots was 3.45, more than double what was recorded following the May update. As any SEO agency can report, these impacts were felt across a broad range of industries, including health, finance, law, retail, and travel.

“Some people have claimed to have lost over 40% of their Google organic traffic, while others did well from this update,” wrote Search Engine Land’s Barry Schwartz. “I’ve seen some claim over 150% traffic increases from Google.”

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