Through our sister company, VusionVR, GrowthEngine Media has helped businesses experiment with immersive marketing since 2015. What started as a fascination with Google Cardboard headsets quickly developed into a full-fledged virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR), and 360° video production process. Today, we partner with businesses of all sizes to design immersive marketing experiences that resonate with customers. Our services include conceptualization and ideation, scripting and storyboarding, filming and audio capture, CGI modeling and design, end-to-end production, and more. Read on for more information.



Virtual reality is a unique way to connect and form deeper connections with customers. Though consumer VR has been notoriously overhyped, digital marketing agencies and tech-savvy, forward-thinking businesses have collaborated to create truly inspiring VR marketing experiences that leave on users. Virtual reality is that rare distraction-free medium where users are completely immersed in the experience. It is an opportunity to speak directly to clients and tell your story as you want it to be told, without interruption from email, text messages, or other media.

Through virtual reality, our digital marketing agency has helped companies of all sizes promote events, recruit team members, showcase their products, and establish themselves as openminded brands who aren’t afraid to push the envelope. Contact us today to learn more about our VR marketing services.




In augmented reality (AR), the real world is overlaid or enhanced with computer-generated imagery viewed through a headset or a smartphone. There are a number of ways that brands can use this technology to market their products and services. GrowthEngine Media, through our sister company VusionVR, helps businesses develop augmented reality marketing strategies and brings those strategies to life.

Augmented reality marketing experiences range from simple informational overlays, wherein a user points their phone at a product to view additional data, to virtual try-ons resembling social media facial filters, to digital portals that allow a user to step through a virtual door and into another environment. The possibilities of augmented reality marketing are endless – contact us today to learn more about how AR can benefit your company.




GrowthEngine Media and VusionVR produce two distinct kinds of 360° experiences: 360° videos and 360° 3D virtual tours. Both versions allow users to experience and explore a location remotely, making them ideal tools for the real estate, hospitality, and other industries.

Virtual tours enable businesses that sell or rent spaces to invite customers inside those spaces to explore and compare at their own pace. Users navigate the space step-by-step and, in some cases, access ‘hotspots’ that present additional information. VusionVR has even experimented with e-commerce functionality within these experiences and believes that 360° virtual tours can be a profitable option for retail businesses.

360° videos are more experiential. They are most effectively viewed through a virtual reality headset but can also be shared on YouTube, Facebook, and other platforms. These videos generally take users behind the scenes to learn more about a company’s products, services, story, values, and/or culture.



VusionVR is GrowthEngine Media’s sister company. It was formed in 2015 following a trip to Mountain View, California, where our team was introduced to Google Cardboard VR headsets. Convinced that this technology had wider marketing capabilities, we set about producing custom-branded versions of the headset for sale at brands’ physical locations.

Soon, companies started asking us an important question: ‘What goes inside our headsets?’ Public virtual reality content at that time was sparse and rudimentary, so we began building our own. It wasn’t long before we began working with several large Canadian companies to produce a variety of virtual reality, augmented reality, and 360° marketing experiences.

Today, our work in immersive marketing focuses on marquee clients looking to bring big ideas to fruition. We have developed eerie CGI experiences in service of the public safety, recruiting videos for professional sports franchises, virtual try-ons for nationwide eyewear retailers, and completed numerous other projects.

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