GrowthEngine Media’s Live Chat service makes it easy to engage with prospective customers from the moment they visit your website. The service is staffed by real people – not bots – who prompt visitors to start a chat and share their contact information. From there, you can quickly follow up to learn more about their needs.

Many of our clients have successfully deployed Live Chat to great success. This is a fast and easy way to turn site visitors into verified leads.



Our team of professional Live Chat agents is available to engage prospective customers 24 hours a day, seven days a week, to ensure that no visit to your website goes unnoticed. This allows your business to track customers who visit after hours or who visit from another time zone – an increasingly important feature in an increasingly borderless world.

Our Live Chat agents are trained to respond to all inquiries using a script that we develop, edit, and customize in collaboration with your communications team. The script will be designed to gather important information from each lead, including the contact’s phone number, email address, and the product or service of interest.



GrowthEngine Media’s Live Chat is an “always-on service,” meaning website visitors will be greeted by a Live Chat agent the moment they visit your website, regardless of the day of the week or time of the day. Not only does this feature help capture after-hours clients in search of information, it also accommodates international customers, an increasingly important feature in our borderless, digital world.


Most visitors to your website are searching for information or answers about your products or services. Some visitors are simply browsing, but others are serious about making a purchase. Live Chat is an easy way for you to capture these leads and secure additional information, even after business hours. With the information our agents collect, you or a member of your sales team will be able to follow-up with a detailed pitch at the moment of earliest convenience.


Live Chat responses offer valuable insights into the type of people who visit your site. While analytics data outlines where your visitors live and how long they stayed on the site, a Live Chat conversation can help you understand exactly what your prospective customers are looking for, how they found your site, and what potential barriers to completing a purchase they might encounter.


Our teams of trained Live Chat agents provide a human touch during the buyer’s journey. Many of our clients work in service industries where bedside manner is incredibly important – a real person engaging in a conversation from a client-approved script will avoid the potential pitfalls of an automated chatbot. In today’s digital world, many consumers are eager to connect with real people who can provide nuanced answers to their queries. Our Live Chat program provides this.


Live Chat clients receive an email immediately after the service is engaged. This email outlines all pertinent information obtained by the Live Chat agent – with this information, you can develop a sophisticated database of leads and contact information based on the data provided. Data collected over Live Chat also integrates seamlessly with all popular CRM platform, and the data can be used to build mailing lists for e-mail marketing campaigns.


If a prospective consumer chooses to connect with you directly during business hours, our Live Chat agent will facilitate this via ‘Live Call Connect.’ This feature is an invaluable aspect of the customer service experience because it allows businesses to immediately attend to prospective customers needs and, in some cases, finalize sales. All calls are recorded for future reference, which can help you fine-tune your pitch and better understand your customers’ needs.

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