Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising, also known as cost-per-click (CPC) or paid search, is a form of digital marketing in which advertisers pay a publisher (Google, Facebook, etc.) each time their ad is clicked. PPC ads are delivered on a variety of platforms, including search engines, display network websites, social media networks, and more. They also come in a variety of forms, including text ads, static images, and video ads, and are an effective way to reach valuable customers with the perfect message at exactly the right moment.



Pay-per-click advertising deployed on search engine results pages (SERPs) is commonly known as search engine marketing (SEM). This is perhaps the most battle-tested form of online advertising. It first appeared in the mid-1990s on platforms like and was adopted by Google through its AdWords platform in 2000. Since then, search engine marketing has evolved into a versatile, competitive industry that delivers exceptional return on investment to its most successful players. It is also a primary revenue driver for Alphabet, Microsoft, and parent companies of other search engines.

Google Ads, the successor to Google AdWords, is where GrowthEngine Media truly shines. Our search engine marketing team manages hundreds of thousands of dollars in Google Ads spending every year, a volume that has helped us earn and maintain Google Premier Partner status. We work closely with Google’s support team to ensure clients see maximum return on investment. We also engage in regular testing and professional development to stay on top of
the latest industry trends.

There are many players in the search engine advertising industry, but Google is its undisputed leader. Microsoft also offers paid search products through Bing and Yahoo!, and younger, privacy-focused search engines like DuckDuckGo offer unique opportunities. Read on for more information about GrowthEngine Media’s PPC approach or contact us today to learn more about our services, preferred strategies, and pricing.




GrowthEngine Media offers display advertising services through the Google Display Network, part of the Google Ads platform. Dating back to 2003, the Google Display Network has helped thousands of savvy businesses reach massive audiences at a reasonable cost-per-click. Today, the network includes millions of participating websites, each of which receives a share of advertising revenues.

The Google Display Network offers several advantages that text ads cannot. Display Network advertisers have more flexibility regarding ad design – the assets can be larger, brighter, and more creative, and can include animated features or video. Display Network ads also tend to reach a much larger audience – Google believes the Network reaches more than 90 per cent of internet users in some capacity. The average cost-per-click for Display Network ads is generally
lower, as well, and advertisers on the Display Network have a chance to reach those rare online customers who don’t use Google as a search engine.

Perhaps most importantly, the Google Display Network is the perfect platform for retargeting. This strategy allows your website to track visitors via “cookies” – small pieces of data that remember users’ browsing history. When a user visits your site but doesn’t complete a call to action, the cookie ensures that your ads follow that user around the internet via the Display Network. This is a subtle and effective means of keeping your business top of mind and encouraging potential customers to learn more about your services.

Of course, the Display Network also has deficiencies: its targeting options are limited compared to search engine marketing, and advertisers have little control over where their ads display, which can cause brand safety concerns. Read on to learn more about how GrowthEngine Media deploys display strategies alongside SEM for maximum effect.




The first step in our on-boarding process is determining client goals and setting expectations. Many clients expect their digital marketing experience to mirror their internet user experience; that is, they believe almost-instant results are possible. It’s our job to clearly lay out the advertising options at their disposal and ensure they understand the pros and cons of each. From there, we determine targeting options, budgets, timelines, and reporting expectations. Finally, we set-up accounts on Google Ads and any other desired PPC platforms and prepare the campaign for launch. This process can take anywhere from a few days to several weeks.


Our work doesn’t finish when KPIs are set and the campaign is organized and launched. Every day, our PPC account managers analyze and tweak accounts to improve efficiency and performance. These adjustments may include adding or deleting keywords; A/B testing; negative keyword research; CPC bid adjustments; schedule adjustments; location bid adjustments; and URL adjustments, to name a few. At all times, the goal is to deliver maximum return on investment to clients. As the PPC industry has become more competitive, the PPC strategies that achieve the best results are the one that combine client buy-in with agency know-how and dedication.


At GrowthEngine Media, we believe open, consistent communication is vital to successful client relationships. We strive for complete transparency in everything we do – if you’re curious about a new targeting option in Google Ads, or want to discuss recent performance, don’t hesitate to reach out in whatever way you feel comfortable. Reporting is central to our PPC advertising approach. Our team works with clients to develop tailored reports that align with their unique areas of concern: some clients want robust, in-depth analysis on a weekly basis; others prefer broad monthly reports tracking top-level key performance indicators.

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