Search engine optimization (SEO) is the foundation of any successful digital marketing strategy. For at least the past decade, customers in the market for every conceivable product or service have turned to Google or another search engine to research, compare, and evaluate options. An effective SEO strategy will ensue that your business is noticed by interested consumers.

Of course, SEO isn’t as simple as it once was. Keyword-stuffing and aggressive link-building won’t get you to the top of Google’s search engine results pages (SERPs) on their own. Today, SEO agencies engage in a variety of practices to improve search engine rankings. Many of these are designed to improve user experiences (content production, site speed). Others focus on minute technical details to ensure internet crawlers are aware of the site. Still more involve directory listings and other tools to help local searchers.

Used together, these techniques ensure Google and other search engines view your website as a relevant and useful answer to searchers’ queries. The online consumer journey is more diverse today than in the past, but search engines remain a vital tool for most customers. As such, SEO remains critical to reaching the customers that matter to your business.


SEO is the practice of optimizing a website so that it ranks highly in search results on Google and other search engines. This involves adhering to Google’s stringent best practices, which align with its ranking algorithm.

Google’s ranking algorithm is engineered to provide relevant, useful answer to user queries alongside the best-possible user experience. As a general rule, new content ranks higher than old content; longer, better-written content ranks higher than brief, inadequate content; fast sites rank higher than slow sites; pages with detailed metadata rank higher than pages without it; websites that attract more authoritative links rank higher than those that don’t; and so on.

In other words, Google’s algorithm contains hundreds of evolving ranking factors to ensure its customers leave the site satisfied with their results. As an experienced Toronto SEO company, GrowthEngine Media’s approach to search optimization is to build and optimize websites from a user’s perspective while still supplying Google’s crawlers with the information they need. That means generating plenty of fresh, relevant content; performing regular technical optimizations and maintenance; engaging in strategic link-building; ensuring local search optimization; and more. Our philosophy dictates that our SEO strategy should benefit clients’ customers as much as it does our clients.



Links to pages on your website are a major factor in Google’s search engine ranking algorithm. Link-building is the practice of pursuing and acquiring those links through a variety of strategies. Inter-linking, for example, involves linking one page on your website to another via relevant anchor text. This is a preferred strategy of any experienced SEO agency as it also improves user experience. Other link-building strategies include generating fresh content and distributing through social media and other platforms with hopes of acquiring organic links; exchanging guest blog posts with other publishers; reaching out to high-authority websites with linking opportunities; and more.




The oldest adage in the SEO world is that “content is king.” The more content you can produce, the thinking goes, the higher your site will rank for relevant keywords.

Our approach to content production is slightly more nuanced. We agree that content can be king, but only when that content is relevant and of the highest quality. Our experienced team of SEO writers produces regular blog posts for a range of clients; rewrites, refreshes, and optimizes website content; and provides thorough content overviews and diagnostics on client websites. We also provide auxiliary writing services on a case-by-case basis, including scriptwriting, news releases, and more.




On-site optimization falls into two categories. The first is user experience: Google prefers websites that are fast, easy to navigate, and free of broken links and outdated information. The second is technical SEO, the nitty gritty details that ensure Google understands what your site is about and why it should direct users there. GrowthEngine Media’s on-site optimization fall into similar buckets. Our content and design teams maintain websites’ public-facing elements (images, user-experience, the written word) while our technical team safeguards against back-end issues. The results speak for themselves: attractive, functional websites that generate leads for clients and appear near the top of Google results.




Local search engine optimization resembles traditional SEO in its ability to boost search visibility, but its focus is on local markets. That means ensuring that your business – both its website and its physical locations, when necessary – can be found by customers who are in or are searching for businesses in your geographic area.

Local SEO is a valuable strategy in our mobile, click-free world. A strong local SEO strategy will ensure your business is visible for “near me” searches and boost visibility for geo-specific queries. It also provides return-on-investment even when searchers don’t click through to your website.

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