Social media marketing is the practice of leveraging a company’s presence on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube, and other social media platforms to create brand awareness, foster consumer loyalty, attract new customers, and cultivate a positive public image. For as long as social media platforms have existed, forward-thinking brands have harnessed their power to create new paths to engagement with target audiences. And yet, some companies still struggle with their place in the social media ecosystem – that’s where we come in.

There are two distinct paths to successful social media marketing: social media management and paid social advertising. GrowthEngine Media has excelled in both since the company’s inception in 2013. Our social media team of writers, designers, and strategists can help you understand your social media marketing options and establish your brand as an innovative industry leader.



Social media management involves maintaining a positive and relevant presence on key social media platforms. That means identifying the digital spaces where your target audience spends time and contributing to those spaces by sharing news, updates, deals, customers stories, and other relevant information. The goal is to build a ‘thought leadership’ reputation within your industry and establish a favourable reputation among consumers. Building and engaging an online community helps brands understand what their customers are looking for in a business. What brand values do your customers respect? What community initiatives do they support? What are their political leanings? This information can help you foster an image that your customers are proud of.

Every business should maintain a Facebook profile, and most should have LinkedIn, YouTube, Instagram, and Twitter accounts. Smaller, more niche platforms may be valuable depending on your industry and audience.

GrowthEngine Media has experience managing business accounts on every conceivable social platform. Our process includes establishing goals and timelines; setting up and maintaining attractive social media profiles complete with thorough, up-to-date business information; developing scheduling calendars to ensure clients are able to review and approve content; and creating written (articles and blog posts), visual (infographics and logos), and video content that sets your brand apart from competitors.

Video is of particular importance in today’s social media landscape. Where once digital video assets lived on YouTube and nowhere else, they can now be repurposed for distribution on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. These platforms have all prioritized video content in recent years; today, sharing video can help you stand out in crowded social streams. GrowthEngine Media also engages social followers and responds to comments, reviews, and requests. This has become increasingly important to social success. On Facebook, for example, direct message response time is recorded and shared on business pages. Fast response times and thoughtful replies to community contributions shows customers that you value their input.


Where social media management focuses on fostering a positive brand identity, paid social media marketing relies on the platforms’ vast troves of user data to aggressively pursue highly relevant prospective customers. Nearly all Canadians engage with social media, and a large majority – more than 60 per cent – engage on a daily basis. Social media’s reach spans all ages, ethnicities, and demographics, which means if your business has customers, they can be reached through social networks.

For that reason, paid social media marketing has become a critical tool in every digital marketing agency’s toolkit. And, just like with search marketing, organic channels simply aren’t enough to guarantee maximum visibility. Experienced social media marketing agencies combine organic efforts (i.e. social media management) with paid strategies to ensure your business can be found by the customers that matter most. Paid advertising ensures visibility; management ensures the customer is impressed when they visit your profiles.

GrowthEngine Media’s paid social media advertising process begins with consultation with the client. Through a series of meetings, we will identify key performance indicators (KPIs), target audiences and keywords, decide on appropriate networks, and establish timelines and budgets. Our team will then set-up the necessary accounts, configure and launch the campaigns, and perform regular maintenance and optimization as they run. Clients can expect regular (monthly or weekly) reports and are encouraged to reach out with concerns or questions.

Our team has experience managing campaigns on Facebook, the biggest player in the paid social market, as well as Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn, and even Twitter. Each campaign has unique goals, but in general paid social campaigns seek to ensure client visibility to target audiences while delivering positive return on investment.


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