Your website is the nucleus of your online identity and the focal point of all digital marketing efforts. It should be attractive, user-friendly, and reflect your company’s values. Visitors should understand at a glance what your company does – and why.

In other words, your website has to live up to the hype generated by your digital marketing efforts. Great design is critical, but design alone isn’t enough. You need a website that communicates essential information and is easy and intuitive to navigate, loaded with interesting and relevant content, and optimized for conversions.

For years, GrowthEngine Media has worked with clients to produce websites that incorporate stylish design, crystal-clear communication, straightforward user experience, and powerful search engine optimization. Read on to learn more about our website development process.



GrowthEngine Media works with talented designers from across Canada to produce eye-catching, memorable websites that help clients stand out from the competition and get remembered by visitors. This process involves consultation with the client and the final web development team throughout the design process, from developing sitemaps, to building wireframes, to gathering visual components and developing final layouts. Our designers emphasize user-friendly design and intuitive navigation to ensure visitors can quickly and easily find the information they need.

Written content is critical to the web design and development process. Our writers work with clients to ensure content is accurate and accessible, and that calls-to-action are included. They also work with our SEO team to ensure best practices regarding keyword density, word count, and other factors are adhered to.




This where your website’s design and content are brought to life. Today’s internet user won’t stand for style over substance, even for the most eye-catching business websites. They demand fast, seamless sites that offer easy navigation and clear access to important information. Our development team takes client approved layouts and turns them into something interactive and useful, something that can help your business win and retain clients.

GrowthEngine Media has experience working with all major content management systems and in all major markup and coding languages. Our process includes extensive testing, editing, and quality-checking, in addition to consistent communication with clients. When we have received final approval, the site is uploaded to the required server, and your company’s digital facelift will be complete.






Our clients ask us to redesign their websites for a variety of reasons. One is search engine optimization (SEO). Web design has become a critical to ranking well on search engine results pages (SERPs). Google’s ranking algorithm penalizes sites that aren’t responsive and mobile-friendly. It also looks down on sluggish site speed, which can be affected by site structure and on-site elements. Websites that don’t allow easy access to search engine crawlers also have difficulty ranking well. An SEO-friendly redesign can significantly improve your search engine visibility.




User interface (UI) and user experience (UX) are crucial components of any web design. Internet users demand fast, smooth online experiences, and have little tolerance for ‘style over substance’ websites – even the best-looking sites won’t retain visitors who can’t find what they’re looking for. A website redesign that prioritizes UI/UX can lead to lower bounce rates, higher conversion rates, improved search engine visibility and, ultimately, a better, healthier business.




Sometimes, clients ask us to build them a new website simply because they are ready for a change. If your company is thriving and your customers are happy, your website should reflect that success. When you hand out a business card, the first thing the recipient will do is visit your website – make sure it’s not the last thing they do as well. A website redesign is a chance to revamp your image, to put a modern face on your tried, true, and successful approach to doing business.

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