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  • Oct172019

    PPC Remains as Relevant as Ever!

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  • Aug222019
    Microsoft Advertising digital marketing

    Microsoft Advertising was the Big Winner in Q2 2019

    Merkle’s Q2 2019 Digital Marketing Report delivered an unusual piece of news last week: a rival search engine advertising business…

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  • Aug152019
    search engine optimization pros grapple with every day google changes

    Google Changes its Search System Every Day

    The goal of any search engine is to quickly connect users with relevant and useful answers to their queries. Last…

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  • Jun202019
    Location targeting a boon for search engine marketing agencies

    Google Launches Location Targeting Changes

    At the end of last month, search engine marketing professionals noted a subtle change to Google Ads’ location targeting options.…

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  • May302019
    Search marketing pros tuned in to Google Marketing Live this year

    Google announced two new ad types at its annual Marketing Live gathering in San Francisco earlier this month. It also…

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  • Apr182019
    eMarketer releases digital marketing spending report

    eMarketer Releases Ad Spending Report

    Late last month, eMarketer released its 2019 Digital Ad Spending – Global report which identified key trends and made predictions…

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  • Jan312019
    Bing Ads in digital marketing

    Don’t forget about Bing Ads!

    The broad goal of any digital marketing campaign is to maximize online visibility. The purpose of this visibility may vary…

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  • Jan172019
    PMM is the new match type every digital marketing agency needs to know about

    Introducing Phrase Match Modifier

    When you work for a digital marketing agency, your clients expect you to push the envelope, to develop new ways…

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  • Aug162018
    Local search marketing is affected by online reviews

    How do reviews affect local search marketing?

    This May, some small business owners noticed a sudden drop in the number of reviews attached to their profiles as…

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  • Jul192018
    Paid search marketing is thriving

    Adthena releases 2018 Paid Search Benchmark report

    In June, Adthena released its 2018 Paid Search Benchmark report, an analysis of data collected from hundreds of thousands of…

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