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  • Jan172020

    What to Expect from Social Media Marketing in 2020

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  • Sep122019
    social media marketing pros worry about facebook's new data privacy controls

    Will Facebook’s Clear History Option Affect Your Business?

    Following the Cambridge Analytica scandal and other controversies, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg announced an upcoming privacy feature called “Clear History.”…

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  • Aug012019
    Social media marketing is an effective way to increase visibility

    Social Media Marketing Numbers Released

    Last month, Hanapin Marketing released State of Paid Social 2019, a report on “trends and insights in the most popular…

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  • Jul112019
    Should social media marketing budgets decline with time spent on Facebook?

    Should Social Media Marketing Budgets Decline Alongside Usage?

    eMarketer recently reported that time spent on social media – and by extension time spent engaging with social media marketing…

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  • Feb142019
    Facebook is a social media marketing giant

    Facebook announces robust Q4 earnings

    Facebook announced its fourth quarter (Q4) earnings last month and – surprise, surprise – the company’s profitability appears unaffected by…

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  • Sep132018
    Facebook is changing with repercussions for social media marketing is in decline; Facebook as a whole is not

    Social media marketing agencies take note: YouTube will overtake Facebook as second-most-visited website on the internet this year, according to…

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  • Jul122018
    social networks fight for digital marketing dollars

    How smaller social media networks are competing with the duopoly

    Google and Facebook are known as ‘the duopoly’ in the digital marketing world. Together, the companies absorb more than half…

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  • Jun142018
    a digital marketing agency can improve your social reputation

    Protect Your Rep on Social Media

    Last month, Twitter announced that it will punish bad behaviour by making tweets from wayward users less visible as part…

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  • Apr262018
    social media marketing

    Facebook in the age of Cambridge Analytica

    For the past month, Facebook has been embroiled in a scandal that threatened to disrupt social media marketing. In mid-March,…

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  • Apr052018
    digital marketing agencies

    New social media usage numbers released

    On March 1, the Pew Research Center, a Washington-based think tank, released the results of a new survey regarding American…

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